You don’t have to grow your business alone anymore. Let me capture your vision and perfect your operations. Together we will take your business to the next level.

I know you're feeling...

  • Overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list
  • Stuck with no clear plan
  • Your team is uninspired and confused
  • You don’t have the right support to manage your projects

I help you...

  • Get clear on your goal with action
  • Motivate your team and provide clear direction
  • Have the right people doing the right things at the right time
  • Run your business like a well oiled machine

There's a huge difference between working on something and working towards something.

Operations Management - Starting at $1300/month 

Let me help you take back your time and tackle all the mundane tasks so you can focus on your zone of genius and scale your business.

You can be the business owner who:

  • Has time and space freed up so you can focus on what is important
  • End the day knowing all your tasks have been completed and you are making progress towards the next step in your business
  • Can be more present to your clients and serve them the way you want to
  • Has more time to focus on yourself and your family

The only difference between where you are now and that lifestyle you want are systems and the right-hand partner that will add hours back to your day, days back to your week, and passion back to your life. 

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Are you ready to have automated systems, streamlined processes, and an improved sales workflow that will make your business grow and sustainable?


Are you ready to have a marketing and cash flow strategy that will make your business viable to make a profit year after year? 


Are you ready to handover team management, set KPIs, and drive the performance of your team?



Lina has provided several highlights of projects she was involved in that foster communication and collaboration.  Our process was a very complex process that involved several departments. Lina did a good job of walking through the PDSA cycle when creating the process.

Kimberly F

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