3 Simple Tips For Small Business Owners

Imagine this… You are a small business owner or an entrepreneur running a stress-free business. You are sitting in your perfect office running your perfect business. You are able to stop what you are doing at any time to tend to your other responsibilities whether that is your family or for yourself and your business is still working for you.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? But a few questions for you… What is your role in your business? Are you still doing everything yourself or do you have a team? How much money are you making? Do your clients rave about you?

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In a perfect world, goals are certainly worth aiming for but if you are still a solopreneur who is doing everything by yourself, it is time to take a look at these three words. These words are not only words but truly three simple tips you as the business owner or entrepreneur can start to understand and implement in your business.

1) Automate

Nowadays, there are plenty of administrative tasks that can be automated. This could free up time for you to focus on working on your zone of genius. Here are some tasks listed to get your juices flowing: 

  • Set up automatic monthly payments for recurring business expenses
  • Set up labels and filters for your email inbox
  • Collect customer data with forms on your website
  • Create automated email responses when people send in customer service inquiries
  • Use an autoresponder to send monthly newsletters to clients

2) Delegate

Have you ever thought about hiring an assistant or other virtual team member? All the automated tasks mentioned above can be completed in record time by an experienced virtual assistant while you focus on your zone of genius. Some things that you can hire out for are:

Delegating tasks to experienced experts can troubleshoot problems and complete tasks in half the time of what you would be doing.

3) Eliminate

Now, think about how you have been running your business. Analyze your business practices and ask yourself if there is anything that seems archaic or that isn’t worth the time. Maybe you have been doing manual bookkeeping. Just because you’ve been doing it this way for years doesn’t mean it can’t be updated or eliminated. Set aside time every quarter or at least every year to investigate new software or platforms that can automate your business or eliminate unnecessary tasks so you can save time and ultimately, money.


Knowing how to automate, delegate, and eliminate certain business tasks is just the beginning of organizing your business and growing your profits. When you start with these three simple tips, you are greatly helping reduce stress on yourself, therefore, adding greater productivity and creative levels.

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